Rescue Mission was the idea of a group of young people who gathered together after the 1992 Rio Environment Summit, under the auspices of the United Nations, to produce their own manifesto for sustainable development. The meeting was organised by the charity 'Peace Child International' and their deliberations were published in 1994 by Kingfisher Books with the title 'Rescue Mission Planet Earth'.

The following has been extracted from page 84 of Rescue Mission which summarises what the group thought should be done to establish a global network of ideas and actions'. It was their concept of a global democracy of children that led to the creation of SCAN by Welsh teachers.

  • If I was a child today, I'd be worried. If you think you can solve the problems we face by recycling a few cans, you'll get to 2040 and find you've been duped. The world will be a mess because you won't have dealt with the main problem which is the widening gap between rich and poor. The great challenge of the 21st century is to reduce your consumption or face war between rich and poor.
Warren Lindner, Director, Centre for Our Common Future.

As we edited this book, we thought of the thousands of kids who have worked on it who'd like to be with us now. We've read their summaries, seen their pictures and they've inspired us. We'd like kids everywhere to become part of this Rescue Mission, to get access to leaders with their ideas and concerns. It cannot just be an elite. There's only one way to do this in a fair way: to build a Global Democracy of Children.

Rescue mission